I believe that financial slavery is the purest way in which a slave can demonstrate his submission and devotion. It is a very special style of slavery that not every slave is cut out for. It requires selflessness and sacrifice that few slaves possess. A slave who sincerely desires to pamper their Mistress and contribute to her realm of Femme Domme luxury by entering into financial servitude is showing that he considers his Mistresses comfort and leisure to be far more important than his own. A very special attribute indeed!

I do enjoy a bit of glamour, and I delight in feminine indulgences. Would you like to be one of my personal shopping slaves, lavishing me with sexy lingerie, perfume, and gorgeous accessories? Special 'Shop and Crop' trips are available for the most generous slaves, combining shopping and a personal session.

While I appreciate slaves who tribute generously, I realise that not everyone is able to do so, and any slave who makes a financial sacrifice, no matter how small, will be looked upon favourably.

For slaves who wish to send gifts of cash these must be sent to  B.C.M. Box 4510 London WC1N 3XX

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